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Tenacity, Resourcefulness, Intelligence and Professionalism

Our Approach

We are Results Oriented We are cost Effective & Flexible We are Reliable & Dependable We are Proactive & Progressive We are Practical & Sensible

Dedicated support

We have the best support with the highest industry standard is our standard everyday operation because we are dedicated to your success 100%.


Together, we can expand your vision, create and focus on getting result.

AO Professional Services is an entity with a bold vision as a global institution known for providing exceptional Audit & Assurance, Tax and Advisory Services to organizations from various industries in the global economic sphere, and a mission to ensure that our services offer customized solutions to you on a consistent basis, we have launched our brand as an authority to reckon with in this industry.


We are strategically positioned to offer you Assurance and Advisory Services, with a wide range of solutions leveraging on our core competence, which is the ability to help organisations maximize their objectives, generate growth and develop a sustainable competitive edge via our customized solutions.


AOPS is committed to helping you make distinctive, substantial and scalable improvements in performance, maximizing your revenue, profitability and shareholder’s value.


While continually building the team’s capacity in order to keep surpassing your expectations, and as we ride on the core values of Integrity, Passion for Results, Excellence and Creativity, we have been able to weather the challenges both locally and globally, and build a reputable institution within a short time that will stand the test of time.


Therefore, we are excited to present to you and the rest of the world the game changer in Audit & Assurance, Tax and Advisory Services.


We create experiences that transform your Business and Brand

Our Approach

Our highly efficient approach is client-friendly, accessible, solution-oriented, practical, and customized to your specific need with a prompt response to feedback.

Our engagements begin with an understanding of your organisation, its operating, management structure, and your key financial goals and objectives. We adopt a procedure that is cost effective and gives you value, combined with our customized approach, knowing that the expectations of every client vary, whether it is an audit, review, compilation of financial statement, tax planning or return preparation. We are excited to deploy our diverse experience and technical expertise in proffering solution to your brief.

We are Results Oriented
We are Cost Effective & Flexible
We are Reliable & Dependable
We are Proactive & Progressive
We are Practical & Sensible


To be a global institution providing exceptional Assurance and Advisory Services to various interest groups in the global economic sphere.


To ensure that our services bring customized solution to business challenges on a consistent basis.

Core Values

Our core values play an essential role in our business as they influence, propel and foster substantial growth as well as our clients’ success. They form a household abbreviation we call ICEPH, they are; º Integrity
º Creativity
º Excellence
º Passion for Results
º High level of professionalism


Meet our team members

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Managing Partner/CEO

Ayo Olatunji